Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day-Day Two

Collin prepared for the weather.

Collin and Chris tag teamed snow removal.

Chris attempted to clear our driveway, but discovered the ice wouldn't budge.

I bought the kids some crafts in anticipation of the storm. Who knew it would last this long?

The boys made some valentines cookies (rather, ate some valentines cookies).

I only ventured out once today, and was immediately shocked by my surroundings. Although snow blanketed the ground, it was merely a sheath for pure ice. It was truly an interesting sensation to place your feet upon the ground and not be greeted with a spongy powder substance, but rather a slippery hard surface. It was if an ice rink had landed on our street, and even our lawn.

Fortunately, we all had a little advance warning of our current conditions, and I stocked the house with a host of entertainment. But, by day two mid afternoon, my bag of tricks had been depleted. The boys were left to climb the walls and each other.

Tonight we got word schools are cancelled again tomorrow. I'm wondering if my sanity can last another day!

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