Friday, February 11, 2011

Transforming into a Toddler

The boys and I visited the new Dora and Diego exhibit at the Children's Museum. Of course, the older boys fussed all the way too the museum, bemoaning the fact Dora and Diego was way too juvenile for males of their age.

As I imagined, the older boys adored the exhibit just as much as the little ones.

It's funny, within the last couple of months I've become keenly aware that Collin has transformed into a toddler. He's no longer a voiceless blob I merely carry here and there. He now has words, opinions, and oodles of personality.

Today, I noticed he's discovered just what buttons to push with his brothers. As we're all riding in the car, he begins to call his brothers the one sure fire word that incite lots of emotion: baby.

Collin: "Cooper's a baby."

Cooper: In tears, "Mom, Collin's calling me names."

Collin: "Cooper's a baby."

Cooper: "Collin's mean."

And on and on.

Oh boy!

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