Sunday, February 6, 2011

What a weekend

Well, mother nature poured down yet another round of snow. So I spent a long time shoveling out the driveway. I'd haul away piles of snow, only to expose a thick layer of ice planted underneath. In fact, the whole time I felt like a human zamboni, merely grooming the ice, preparing it for the inevitable: more snow!

The fact the weather was icky, provided ample opportunity to finish Caleb's science fair project. Unfortunately for Caleb, he had his journalism/political science major mother assisting him in his project (rather than his biology/chemistry major father.) The whole time I kept thinking, "This is why I never went into science." Experiment one was a bust. Experiment two looked more promising.

The weekend ended on a high note. We (the adults) celebrated at two parties. We spent the first half cheering at Chris's friend, Andy's house. The party was full of his ER Doc pals, and we enjoyed good food, and better company.

Party two was at our neighbor/friend's house, the Hendrys. The second round of food was just as good, and the company a real treat.

Off to get some much needed sleep!!!

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