Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Our St. Patrick's Day breakfast: green eggs and shamrock toast.

The boys were dying to play outside. Could I really deprive my munchkins of nearly 70 degree weather? I told them to change, and then they were welcome to frolic outside. A few minutes later, Cooper descended the stairs. He was wearing a....swimsuit! (Cooper actually decided to wear two swimsuits today!) I guess I wasn't surprised. The Wood boys seem to think any temperature surpassing 40 is tropical and worthy of water play and sunbathing. (Connor even asked me if we could go to Zionsville's outdoor pool!) The boys ran out the door and didn't stop for hours. They squeezed every last minute of warmth and sunshine from the day, and begged me to bring it back tomorrow (let's hope!). I sat and wondered just what my neighbors must be thinking as they watched the boys running to and fro clad in only swimsuits. Did they think they were crazy or wish they could join in too. I'm thinking the latter.

I wrote about the boys and dinner in my last post. Tonight's dinner was also filled with drama. We served Caleb's all time food nemesis: broccoli (which just happens to be one of Chris's favorite foods). He acted as if we placed a mound of worms on his plate and declared, "Bon appetit." He went ballistic, and was inconsolable. We tried the hard tactics with no progress. Chris and I began to exasperate. Then, I looked at Caleb, and realized he was crying like I do sometimes when I just need a good cry. Haven't we all cried sometimes and really not known why? I walked over to his chair, and put him on my lap. He didn't resist. I looked into his eyes, and felt like he was wrestling with his biggest opponent: himself. I rocked him and talked him down. Eventually, he stopped crying and wore an expression that was a mixture of exhaustion and relief.

With Caleb finally under control, I asked if he'd like to take a walk just the two of us. My pleas were rejected, he knew his bedtime routine and a walk wasn't part of it. So, we compromised and played a game of cards in his room wearing pajamas. In between cards, I slid in casual conversation. His classmates' party came up, and his sadness over a missed invitation was voiced. I expressed understanding, and teared a little bit wondering what sadness he was harboring. At the end of the game, few words were actually exchanged, but relationships were being formed and strengthened.

Connor eating a green shamrock cookie!

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