Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Celebration at the Farm

The beloved farm! This 1850 home has housed a member of my family for four generations.

The clever table (made of diapers) decorations in pink and blue!

As a Purdue graduate, my cousin squealed with delight when she received a plethora of Purdue baby apparel.

The female relatives posed for a picture.

The girl cousins!

Several weeks ago I received an invitation to my cousin Laura's baby shower. The whole female side of the family, and several friends, were invited to celebrate the arrival of her twins (a boy and a girl!). The invitation listed the location as: the Raasch Farm. It's funny, there wasn't any address or map included, but every single recipient knew the farm.

The farm is an 1850 Hendricks County home. It has been remodeled a couple of times, but still holds the charm (and challenges) of an older home. The home is stately, shrouded in thick red brick with period touches. The interior beckoned another era: fireplaces fill the original rooms, strong wooden doors stand at the entrances, and family heirlooms and antiques dot walls and bookcases. Cornfields encircled the home, and a jellybean shaped pond flanks the gravel driveway.

I said to Chris once, "Isn't this the best home you've ever seen."

Without hesitation, he replied, "No."

I realized later, we weren't looking at the same structure. Chris saw the home with all its blemishes: cracks, sags, repairs, and updates. (In other words, he saw lots of dollar signs!) I saw a home that was the place where I learned to fish with my grandfather. I spent holidays there with dozens of relatives. We sat in the dining room and gobbled up homemade noodles, warm cinnamon rolls, and persimmon pudding. I spent summers in the yard, swinging on the tire swing and making laps in the tractor. I slept over with my grandparents, and indulged in sugary breakfasts the next morning (compliments of my sweet tooth grandmother).

Today, we celebrated Laura and her babies. My female relatives laughed, hugged, and relished in the beauty of family. When I came home, Chris asked how the shower went. I shared all the glorious details and then said, "I wish you'd seen it." I meant it.

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