Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cooper's Antics

Where I found Cooper this afternoon.

Where I found Cooper yesterday. He attempted to blend in with a crew of mannequins.

Chris has a friend who is the youngest of six boys. His childhood stories are quite entertaining. One of his stories has always stuck in my memory. Evidently, his five older brothers placed him into a clothes dryer and turned it on. The petrified brother rotated once, before he was freed. When I heard the story, I wondered, "While my boys attempt such a stunt?"

This afternoon, Cooper was missing somewhere in the confines of our home. I searched the house top to bottom. Suddenly, I spotted him in the laundry room. He had wedged himself inside the dryer with a smile plastered on his face. Of course, the word spread quickly that Cooper was in the dryer. Within seconds, eager siblings raced to the laundry room, dying to give Cooper a whirl in the machine.

Before Cooper had a chance to be permanent pressed, I tugged him out of the dryer's clutches. He erupted into his infamous giggles. I wanted to be mad, I really did. But, his eyes twinkled, his smile permeated, and his gleeful disposition radiated.

Me: COOPER! Sigh. Smirk. Sigh some more.

What was he thinking?

Today, the boys went to their friend, Liam's Lego birthday party.

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