Thursday, March 10, 2011

Finding Laughter

Caleb doing today's chore: vacuuming!

Isn't it amazing how quickly a day can unravel? This morning started out great. I spent my a.m. out and about. When I arrived home around noon, things began to go south. I was greeted with one teacher e-mail and one speech pathologist voice mail. They both conveyed the same message: Caleb was having a bad day.

I talked to the speech pathologist and left a voice message with the teacher. Then, I sat and sulked. I shot off an e-mail to my friend whose aspie daughter was also going through a tough week. I thought she would find comfort in knowing her child wasn't the only.

A little later, she replied. She voiced her condolences. Then, she shared another story from the day, compliments of another aspie mom. Evidently, her son (who runs when agitated) bolted from his classroom and hid in the bathroom. The principal came looking for the little boy in the restroom. The boy was prepared for his captor, armed with a can of air freshener. I guess when the unsuspected (and unarmed) principal entered the bathroom, the little boy let him have it, peppering him with rounds of air freshener. I know it was WRONG, but I found it pretty darn funny.

Despite my sullen mood, I began to smile, then giggle, and finally full-blown howl. I couldn't erase the mental image of this poor principal being creamed by a can of air freshener. I have to say, it felt good to laugh.

Today, I'm grateful for my sweet friend. Laughter sometimes is the best medicine!

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