Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy 300th!

The Wood boys devoured a pizza dinner with the Maxwell kids. Many thanks to my sweet (and brave!) friend, Ali. She babysat my four boys and her four children all by herself tonight. She was even still smiling when we picked the boys up. We owe you!

Tonight's post marks the 300th Wood Boys Chronicles post. It seems like a milestone of sorts, and caused me to pause and reflect on the origins of the blog. I suppose I entered blogdom with a wee bit of trepidation. Would my daily musings unfold like an obnoxious Christmas card letter: heavy on words and sugary in content? Would my words come tumbling out in some narcissistic mess?

Despite my misgivings, this blog was birthed in December 2009. You see, 15 months ago, I was blue. Caleb was freshly diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, and everyday life was a challenge. I was wrestling with Caleb, while still parenting three other little boys (oftentimes alone). As the pressure mounted, I began to search for an emotional outlet.

So, the blog began as an electronic confessional. I'd spend my evenings pouring out emotions all over the keyboard. I treated blogging like a therapy session. I truly believe placing my thoughts to keys did (and still does) wonders for my emotional health.

Along the way, I realized the blog was also capturing the truly comedic moments in my day. My four boys provide quite a bit of entertainment. I'm so glad I can write all the preposterous moments and witty banter that occurs within the span of a day.

Thanks to family and friends who have read my words, and have provided encouragement and advice from the content.

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