Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Real Boys Don't Eat Quiche

The faces I got at dinner.

The tears flowed too.

Tonight, I prepared dinner while the boys watched a TV show. By the time the show was finished, dinner was prepared and plated on the table. The boys arrived at the dinner table at the same time. They all stopped dead in their tracks. A hush fell over the group, then gasps, followed by sighs. Then, there was wailing and gnashing of teeth. The collective opinion was, "What was I thinking?"

They gasped in horror at the slices of quiche that adorned each plate. The funny thing was I assumed they would like quiche. They adore pie crust, and love eggs. But, when I combined the two, and referred to with a word foreign to their culinary vocabulary (think chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese), they revolted. I suppose I should have known; other standbys such as chicken pot pie and lasagna met the same reaction with my crew of picky foodies.

But, the chef's policy is all diners must at least sit and eat a portion of their entrees. So, the boys sat with solemn faces and shoulders hunched. Caleb was the first to secure a bite of quiche onto a utensil. His three siblings held their breaths, anticipating his next move. In one quick motion, Caleb shoveled the mound of quiche into his mouth. He didn't just stop at one, he soon disposed of almost half of the piece. The other brothers weren't as quick to comply, but with a dinner treat dangling over their heads several more followed suit.

Connor held firm. He glanced at me with a "I'd rather be dead than eat quiche" sort of look. I held firm too, giving him a "I can't be outdone" sort of glance. Finally, his brothers became frustrated with Connor. A dinner rule is everyone completes dinner before dessert is served, and Connor was the only one standing between them and a box of Girl Scout cookies.

Finally, Caleb began coaching him. "Connor, just swig tons of milk in your mouth, and then you won't even taste it. Eat it fast. Don't think about it." His comments made me laugh, and finally Connor digested the most minuscule piece of quiche imaginable.

Dinner was finally over. I'm thinking quiche won't appear at the dinner table anytime soon.

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  1. HILARIOUS! I love Connor's expression!