Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday, Sunday

Chris and Collin enjoyed lots of afternoon play.

When I was a child, Sundays were always the same: donuts or some sort of equally sinful baked good for breakfast, church mid morning, lunch out at one of our favorite haunts, afternoon siestas, and finally a leisurely completion to the day. Then, we'd gear up for another busy week, survive the frenzy, and return to the oasis of the seventh day. Repeat and repeat.

I suppose I entered motherhood assuming my children would spend their Sundays in a similar fashion. In my sugary visions, I never anticipated I'd have a husband that worked irregular hours and frequent weekends. I couldn't have guessed family traditions (especially weekly ones) would be nearly impossible to maintain (unless they could be enacted by a solo parent). So, childhood Sundays have faded into memories, and former traditions have withered.

But, today Chris was off work. This Sunday felt like the ones in my memories. It was full of all the good stuff: church, leisure activities, rest, and plenty of family time. At the end of the day, I pondered, "Can't they always be like this?" Reality came rushing in, and I knew the answer.

But, today I savored, and remembered some of my beloved memories.

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