Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunami Hits Home

Cooper and his friend Annika enjoyed a pizza dinner.

Collin and his pal, Alyssa, sucked down juice boxes.

As a treat, I gave all the kids shamrock cookies. They were devoured quickly.

I learned about the tragedy in Japan first thing this morning. My first thought went to my sweet Japanese born neighbor, Sy. How was her family? How was she holding up?

A few hours later, we talked. She had heard from her father and brother, but couldn't contact other extended family members. My heart went out to Sy. She was distraught, and looked exhausted. I offered to take her kids for a few hours. I hoped she would take a few minutes to herself, maybe even squeeze in a little sleep.

At five o'clock, her two girls joined my boys for a movie and pizza night. The kids had a ball, as they all enjoyed a Scooby Doo flick and slices of cheese pizza. Just taking in the tranquil scene, you'd never imagine that half a world away a country lay in utter destruction.

Sy was finally able to contact her family. Everyone appears safe, although some are stranded due to mangled roads. We'll continue to pray for Sy, her family, and Japan.

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