Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Basement Parties

Caleb showing off his medal at the conclusion of his fitness class.

Connor and kindergarten buddy, Nick, had a play date at the Children's Museum.

My friend said it's been raining for 13 days straight. I can't confirm that statistic, but it's certainly felt that way. Accompanying the rain, we've experienced intermittent severe weather. Several times in the last two weeks, I've heard the tornado sirens blare. At first, I think, "It'll never hit us." But then, I remember all those images on the news. I imagine the individuals standing in front of splintered houses and flattened cars probably had those same exact thoughts.

So, we gather the boys and head down to the basement. The boys have greeting our (now frequent) tornado-inspired outings to the basement with glee. It's forced family time. The six of us huddle around a TV, listening intently to a stern looking meteorologist pointing to an ominous looking weather map.

If the boys are scared, they certainly don't show it. They typically circle around Chris, and beg him to read a book in "silly" mode. Chris snags a paperback, and captivates his four young sons with his improvisations and impersonations. The boys glance at the pictures, and erupt into infectious giggles. Pretty soon, the basement carries a party like atmosphere, and the boys beg to stay down there just a little more.

Tonight, the sirens blared around bedtime. We resumed our positions in the basement. Without question, Chris grabbed a book, and the boys found their spots. I scanned the room and was grateful that despite the circumstances, the boys were making wonderful memories.

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