Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Our Florida Vacation: The good, the bad, and the funny

Caleb beamed when he caught this lizard.

Caleb struck a pose on the beach.

(Left) Memaw and Collin cuddled before bed.

(Right) Cooper had an absolute ball at an outdoor splash park.
The six of us wearing our Sunday best.

(Left) Cooper adored the pool. He'd jump right in without any hesitation.

(Right) The six of us enjoyed a nature sight seeing boat ride at the Naples Nature Center.

(Above) Chris and the boys.

Chris said I'm a Floridian trapped in a Hoosier's body. Too true. Indiana winters are tough on a gal that feels like she's made to live in the tropics. But, I get through Indiana's cold winter months, dreaming about Spring Break. You see, for the last several years we've spent a week in March in Naples, Florida. In my mind, it signifies winter's over. Snow boots are packed away, bathing suits sit ready and waiting. I made it to spring!

This last week, our family and my parents hightailed it down to Florida. We ditched 40 degree temps for high 80s. We shed winter coats, and slipped on flip flops. We exposed pale skin to something it hadn't seen in a long, long time: sunshine!

The week included a slew of wonderful memories, but my favorites included:

1) Watching the boys enjoy lizard hunting, dolphin spotting, and snake sighting (three too many for my taste).

2) Having three generations making vacation memories.

3) Enjoying a date night, thanks to our (free) grandparent babysitters. (Loved The King's Speech!)

4) Spending almost the full day outdoors, rotating time between the beach, pool, and playground.

5) Watching Chris frolic in warm ocean waters with our boys.


Our week was wonderful, but Caleb definitely had his moments. One evening, we took the boys to the beach at sunset. Caleb was completely out of sorts, and transformed what should have been beautiful moments into something quite the opposite.

Shortly thereafter, we ended the evening. With Caleb tucked into bed, I crawled into my own and cried. The room was pitch black, but I could see through the blinds an exterior light shining through the crack. I focused on the light, and prayed the only prayer I can utter sometimes, "God help me. God help Caleb."

The next night, we returned to the beach at sunset (a gluten for punishment, I suppose). I prepared myself for the worst. This time Caleb sat next to me in the sand. We talked about desserts (a shared passion). As the sun descended behind the waves, and the sky turned orange, I saw Caleb in a very different light.


During vacation, Connor began discussing George Washington.

Connor: George Washington was alive a long time ago....like the 1980s.

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