Saturday, April 16, 2011

Busy Boys

The boys had fun in the pool, but had more fun cramming themselves into lockers. Boys!

Lately, I've become keenly aware of how much my boys have grown. We're moving on to the next stage of childhood. (Collin's still little, but wants to follow big brothers!) Diaper bags have been replaced by backpacks and lunch boxes. Bikes have ousted strollers. We've purged the building blocks and teethers, to make room for an assortment of Legos and electronics. Where we once scheduled daily activities around naps, now we work around sports' schedules and homework. Carefree, unscheduled weekends seem to be a thing of the past, until today.

It was a rarity: a Saturday with absolutely no activities. I'd have to say, I relished in the unscheduled time. I actually completed a few household chores. I spent more time preparing meals. I enjoyed several hours without stepping foot in the car.

The boys wanted their lazy Saturday afternoon to be spent at an indoor swimming pool. So, we packed up the boys, and hit the pool. Family time was savored, and brothers enjoyed moments just being brothers.

Next weekend our schedule resumes its brisk pace, but I've made a commitment to slide in some sleepy Saturdays. It does the family good.

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