Sunday, April 17, 2011

Water Wars

Caleb was in heaven at Zionsville's Z Fest (an Earth Day celebration). He was enamored by the reptile booth.

Collin adored the mascot, and had to be pried away from a hug.

Just when I think they've done it all, something new happens. Tonight, we had a first. One son won water balloons at a church activity. Said son then decided to blow up (not very successfully) the water balloons in his bathroom.

Chris came upon the scene a few minutes later. Evidently, the entire bathroom floor was blanketed in 1/2 inch deep water. (Chris said there was even water in the vanity drawers.)

I was upstairs, and heard Chris utter loudly, "What were you thinking?"

Then silence.

What I've learned about Chris is the skills he uses in treating his patients in the ER can often be transfered to parenting his sons at home. He keeps calm. He assesses the situation. He goes into action mode, stopping the hemorrhaging first (in this case the water). Then, he deals with secondary issues (mopping up the floor with the assistance of said son). Finally, he provides an action plan to prevent future injuries or treat existing illnesses (discipline and a pointed lecture).

Later, I asked Chris if he almost died when he spotted the flooded bathroom.

He replied in jest, "Well, I almost killed someone."

A few hours from now, Chris will start his ER shift. I'm betting he's looking forward to the respite.

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