Monday, April 25, 2011


Lately, I've been wondering if Cooper's shenanigans stem from a need for more attention. This morning, I made a conscious effort to give Cooper my undivided attention.

I extended an invitation to play. Cooper accepted my offer, and suggested cars. So, we sat on his bedroom floor, while Cooper huddled over his Hot Wheels carrying case. He retrieved two cars, and placed one in my hand. I've learned from experience how you play cars:

1) You must name your cars.

Not any old name will do! The boys don't appreciate me naming their cars: pink sunrise or lavender unicorn. Instead, they prefer all cars be named with at least one word that relates to fire and the second word that refers to some sort of natural disasters. Names such as, "Exploding Volcano" or "Fireball Thunder" always meet with great approval.

2) You have to designate which cars are the "bad" guys and the "good" guys.

All four boys always request to be the good guys. So, by default, Collin (age two) and I tend to be the bad guys. (It's actually more fun to play the villain!)

3) Bad guy cars always attempt to conquer some large geographic area.

Today, Cooper declared the bad guys were trying to seize Michigan. All the good guy cars were in a tizzy. We had to call in reinforcements. Fortunately, Batman and the Bat mobile were waiting to assist.

4) Cooper always wins.

Did you really think Cooper would invent a story where the good guy (Cooper) loses? Of course, the bad guys were flattened thanks to an army of good guy cars and their entourage of superhero pals. (We didn't even have to bring in our army of dinosaurs!)

Cooper didn't perform one crazy stunt this afternoon. I'm anticipating playing cars tomorrow too.


  1. That's hilarious. At our house names like "lavendar unicorn" and "pink sunrise" are the norm - the girlier, the better! ha ha ha
    I'm so glad that you and Coop got to spend some one on one time! :) I would have loved to see Cooper defeat Michigan! :)