Saturday, April 30, 2011

Derby Mini Marathon

The before shot.
After. Still smiling. Sort of.

Caleb and Audrey enjoy lunch together.

Cooper's find at Lynn's Paradise Cafe.

The celebratory lunch, replenishing all those calories!

The two families outside Lynn's Paradise Cafe.

Posing with the course in the background.

My friend Claudia is a speedster. She's one of those incredibly blessed individuals that requires little race preparation to accomplish pretty incredible running times. I'm fortunate in that she lets me tag along with her for a couple of races a year. I always hope her brisk times, and effortless appearance will rub off on her slower friend.

Today, we ran the Derby Mini Marathon in Louisville, Kentucky. We arrived Friday night, with both families in tow. The last 24 hours, have provided a wealth of memories, and none better than:

1) Lunch at Lynn's Paradise Cafe.

So fun. A totally eclectic atmosphere teamed with scrumptious dishes, Southern classics in particular. Claudia ordered Bourbon french toast that arrived in one heaping, sugary pile of delicious. She equated it to one big cinnabon. Yum!

2) The dads watching the kids.

Two doctor dads manned seven kids (five boys!). They did amazing, taking them out to breakfast, followed by a swim in the hotel. We're blessed to have such wonderful dads.

3) The race.

As expected, Claudia ran amazingly well. She spurred me on with her constant words of encouragement and helpful tips. I know she could have finished faster, but like always, she wanted to help me along. I've blogged about it before, but I'm grateful to have a friend that works to make me better and celebrates along with me when I finish the race strong.

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