Friday, April 8, 2011

Fashion is in the Eye of the Beholder

I've tried, I really have. I've aspired to have children that resemble a Baby Gap ad. I've dreamed of lugging four sons to a playground clad in madras shorts and polo shirts. But, the minute I step towards an offspring, clutching a pair of pressed khakis, the wails abound. Our opinions on fashion differ. I prefer Sunday wear seven days a week, they fancy what I'll refer to as "shabby chic" attire.

Exhibit A is Cooper's muscle man shirt. Currently, this shirt is his most beloved possession. I suppose, what's not to love? It prominently features a reptile playing basketball. Cooper took one look at this shirt, loved twice before, and he was smitten.

Today, the temperatures only scaled to the 60s, but Cooper insisted on wearing his muscle man shirt. I begged him to throw on a coat or sweatshirt, but Cooper wouldn't hear of it. So, I escorted him all over town in his crazy T paired with sweats. He was beaming. I realized the shirt doesn't look so bad, as long as the smile came as an accessory.

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  1. Brynn is starting to have some favorite clothes too. Thankfully, right now her favorite is a pair of sparkly hello kitty shoes. She doesn't wear them with outfits out in public. No, she saves her pink snow boots for that...ugh! She wears the sparkly to shoes to BED!! :)

    A friend once told me that when she was frustrated with how her children wanted to dress themselves, she would remind herself that while she was out in public other people would NOT really think that SHE dressed her children like that. :)