Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Great Outdoors

For most of the day, the rain held and sunshine reigned. The boys crept out of our rain shelter, and played among the mud and dried worms (yuck!). I love when they play outdoors; it seems like their array of imaginary play expands.

Today, Connor and Cooper took turns racing big wheels. Then, they switched to jumping rope. Suddenly, a light bulb went off in Connor's mind; why not combine the two? Of course, Cooper thought this was a fabulous idea (little did he know what was in store for him). Connor (as the idea man) sat on the big wheel, clutching a jump rope end. He instructed Cooper to grasp the other end, and pull him along. I think Cooper burned about a thousand calories using merely a jump rope to drag his 50 pound brother the length of the drive way again and again. But, the boys beamed and had a ball working together. (Why didn't I think of jump rope, big wheel races?)

After a while, they decided to move on to their next activity. Again, Connor came up with another ingenious game: escape. (I came upon the game after it was already in full swing!) Here's how it works: one brother (Cooper of course) gets tied up on a tree with the jump rope. The restrained brother uses all his might to try to break free. Poor Cooper must have stayed tied against the tree for at least ten minutes before I found him. But despite being held captive, he looked pleased as punch.

As we filtered in for the night, I looked around the house and missed the endless possibilities that linger outdoors. Hopefully tomorrow the sun will shine again, and the ideas will flow.

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