Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Spring Break Scrooge

Had to post one more vacation pic! Chris and Collin at Sunset.

Caleb's school has a two week spring break. For those counting, Caleb has five more days until school resumes. This morning Chris and I were discussing Caleb's spring break.

Chris: How many days does Caleb have left until school resumes?

Me (smirking and responding in jest): What do you care? You get to spend the next five days in the comfort of the ER.

Chris (grinning): I was just trying to calculate how many days of complaining I can anticipate from my dear wife.

Don't you love how husbands have the unique ability to speak the truth while maintaining a grin.

Chris is right. I've turned into a spring break Scrooge. After he made his comments, I began to question how I can love my children so deeply while dreading a few days of togetherness.

Aren't these the same children I...
prayed for,
gained weight for,
labored forever for,
lost sleep for,
would take a bullet for?

Of course, they are. But, they're also the kids that:

1) Act completely nutty when working in tandem with a pack of brothers. (What one brother doesn't think of, the other does!)

2) If left without activity or adequate supervision, will default to fighting. (Many a days, I think our house resembles a WWF ring.)

3) Will do everything in their power to make short trips to a place like the drug store turn into a major production. (Just getting them out of the car alone will make you crazy.)

4) Will do everything in their power to ensure this mother's productivity level remains low. (If I start getting too much done, they'll add a major clean up or repair to an already elongated to do list.)

But, Chris's words sunk in today. I don't want to let the next five days whiz by in a flurry of complaints. So, I've vowed to joyfully spend time with my boys in the upcoming days. I'll strive to seize the day, whatever the day may bring.

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  1. Smart man.

    Also - a very insightful Mama who is just smack in the middle of the circus....perspective is hard sometimes when you're standing in the middle of the situation! ;)