Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Picture Worth Certain Words

It was prize box day at preschool. Guess what Cooper picked out?

Cooper's controversial masterpiece.

The boys were in a tizzy this afternoon. The two oldest came running towards me in a flury of concern, clutching a piece of paper.

Caleb spoke first, "Cooper drew a picture with bad words."

I was a little perplexed by his statement, and requested further evidence. Not wasting a minute, the boys flashed a piece of construction paper directly in front of my eyes. I scanned the seemingly benign drawing. Crayon circles of varying sizes attached to stick lines dotted the page. Not a single questionable sketch occupied the drawing. I shot the boys a questioning glance. They responded with a "Can't you see it!" stare.

At that exact moment, the artist (Cooper) arrived with flushed cheeks and eyes ablaze. Evidently, he was aware of his controversial masterpiece; he immediatly began to defend his work. His work was misunderstood, he chimed. Two brothers attempted to squash his artistic freedom of expression, he exclaimed. He was conspired against, he uttered.

After Cooper's passionate pleas, the truth came tumbling out among the three. The consensus: nothing was intrinsically wrong with Cooper's picture. The problem arose with the artist's interpretation of his work. Evidently, the circles and sticks represented an array of potty talk words.

Cooper and I chatted about his artwork. I reminded him that although pictures are worth a thousand words, those words shouldn't include the potty talk sort.

I guess it's back to the drawing board for Cooper.

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