Monday, April 18, 2011

Lunch Dates with Connor

Connor running around hiding Easter eggs at 7 a.m. (still in his pajamas!).

Cooper and Connor contemplated their next hiding spot.

The three younger boys counting their goodies.

The boys were in heaven today because:

1) I unearthed our Easter Egg box. They treated it like Christmas!

2) Our next door neighbor started a patio construction project. The construction tools and machinery captivated the boys for hours.

My mom mentioned I should write a blog about Connor. It's true. Although equally loved, Connor has probably been the subject of the least amount of blogs. I suppose the children I've written about the most have been the most "spirited" ones . Connor, my adorable six year old, doesn't tend to rock the boat (hallelujah!).

This year my schedule has been nutty, but I've had several hours each week
just with Connor. We use some of those hours for a weekly lunch date, and I let Connor pick the locale (McDonalds has been the popular choice). We sit and talk, or rather I listen as Connor talks about those subjects that interest him: Pokemon, superheroes, or animated characters. We both savor moments where the attention is solely on him.

What I've learned about Connor is:

1) He makes friends easily because he is a good friend to others.

2) He generally treats his brothers kindly, and is the most apt to serve as a sibling peacemaker.

3) He's funny.

As the school year comes to a close, I'm grieving the fact that our lunch dates are coming to an end. I'm hoping Connor and I can carve out future moments together where I can continue to build relationships with my very special son.

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