Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Missing My Babies

The shower participants (New Mom, Tiffany, is third from left. Baby Hudson cradled by Nikki)

The assortment of yummies (even a chocolate fountain!).

The beautiful table.

This morning my Bible study threw a baby shower. I suppose the shower was a little unconventional, in that:

1) It was held on a Tuesday,
2) We squeezed it in between preschool drop offs and kindergarten pick ups, and
3) Baby Hudson already made his appearance.

But, we wanted to pamper our friend and new mom, Tiffany, while selfishly finding an excuse to eat decadent cake and tea sandwiches at 10 a.m.

The shower was wonderful. We ate scrumptious food while laughing a little too hard, and passing around sweet little Hudson.

When Hudson made his appearance in my arms, I was aghast at the delicacy of newborns. In two short years, I had forgotten. I didn't remember how peaceful a newborn lays in your arms. I'd forgotten how a baby, just days old, can still grasp a finger. I failed to recall the divine feeling of snuggling a baby, a mixture of utter adoration and deep maternal affection.

As I sat there, memories of my four little ones (or not so little ones) flashed back. Had they really gotten that old? When did I move from clutching a newborn to working on multiplication tables? Wouldn't it be great to go back to the newborn stage...is it too late?

Right as that thought went flashing through my mind, my shirt became saturated from Baby Hudson's leaky diaper. I quickly handed the still sleeping infant back to his mother.

Was that a sign? In the least, it was a wake up call. I'm thinking my days of parenting a newborn are over. But, I offered to babysit Hudson in the future, and then hand him back right before bedtime.

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