Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pictures and Concerts

It was picture day at Cooper's preschool. He came bounding down the stairs all smiles. He had selected his own picture outfit.

Outfit #1: Of course, he picked his alligator basketball muscle T with oversized sweats.

I requested a change.

Outfit #2: He went fancier, and put on his soccer t-shirt with the same oversized sweats.

Again, I suggested he think even nicer. Church clothes, perhaps.

Outfit #3: (As photographed) Perfect.
My brother and sister in law came for an overnight stay. The four of us went out to dinner, and had so much fun. Wish they lived closer!

It's always one of my more stressful evenings: school plays. I'm never quite sure what a son will do when placed upon a stage, in front of a large crowd, and with a microphone. I've always had visions of having to yank an insubordinate child off the platform while a slew of parents stared wide-eyed and open mouthed at it all.

Tonight, Caleb performed in a second grade concert. He stood front and center during most of the production. We exchanged a wave at the start, and I started to sweat wondering how the next few minutes would unfold. But, Caleb performed well, and even seemed to be enjoying the process.

At the very end, I let out a sigh as the audience erupted in applause. Right then, Caleb flashed the two-handed Victory sign. What a ham, I thought, but it certainly was a victorious night for him.

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