Friday, April 15, 2011

Starting Soccer

It reached 70 degrees yesterday. You know what that means for my boys: swimsuit and water weather! I was chatting with a neighbor friend, when I turned around to see the garden hose unraveled and fully activated, and Cooper clutching dish soap.

When I inquired about their plans, Caleb responded, "It's Operation Rub Down." He then told me I was lucky, because their car washing services were free. I was a little skeptical about my luck.

I let it gone on for a while, until one of them emerged from the garage clutching a snow shovel. I'm still not sure how the snow shovel fit in with the car wash, but I wasn't about to find out.

Unfortunately, Collin was caught in the hose crossfire.
(Above) The before picture.
(Below) Seconds later (the life of a fourth child!).

I always thought Cooper needed a constructive outlet for all his energy. So, we gleefully signed him up for soccer. I imagined those characteristics that drive me a little batty (Cooper's strong will and extreme feistiness) could be a real asset on the soccer field.

Wednesday was Cooper's first practice. The funny thing was fearless Cooper turned timid. He clutched my leg, buried his head, and pleaded to remain on the sidelines. After much coaxing, he agreed to enter the field as long as I accompanied him during practice.

So, there I stood sporting a cardigan and flip flops, among eight other males (two dad coaches and six little boys). Cooper and I spent most of practice resembling participants in a three legged race. We'd run in tandem, while he clutched my leg. "Good" girlfriends sat on the sidelines in their comfy folding chairs, openly mocking my athletic ability and throwing in a few choice catcalls.

During practice, Cooper kept saying, "We're not winning!"

I'd respond, "Remember we're all the same team. We're not supposed to win."

He looked perplexed and a little skeptical of a sport where we wouldn't attempt to win every single time.

At the end, I pondered whether Cooper's athletic prowess would emerge after a few more practices? Did David Beckham start his career clutching his mom's leg during practice?

Next week, I hope Cooper gains confidence, but I'll be wearing tennis shoes just in case.

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