Saturday, April 23, 2011

Terre Haute or Bust

Cooper has a blast with the blower.

The three story tree house. Connor is in the center gazing up.

A beautiful portion of Indiana.

The 1867 covered bridge we crossed over.

Cooper poses with a Bobby Knight replica.

Icky weather forced cancellations of soccer games, and Chris had the day off. We were left with an open Saturday and a touch of wanderlust. So, we packed up the kids and headed down to a new Children's Museum in Terre Haute, Indiana. (Ever since the boys snagged a brochure on the museum, they've been begging us to go.)

The Highlights

The museum was petite in size, but housed a large array of interesting exhibits and entertainment. The highlight was a three story tall tree house with a slide and nerf ball shooting guns. The boys were in heaven!

After several hours, we headed home. We decided to take the roads less traveled (the country roads, that is). Our car windows provided a panoramic view of beautiful Hoosier landscape: rolling hills, blossoming vegetation, and interesting historical structures. My favorite part: crossing over an 1867 covered bridge that stood in the shadows of a vintage Mill. Absolutely amazing!

The Challenges

As much as Caleb adores museums, new experiences can be overwhelming for him. I could tell he was emotionally teetering on the edge for most of our museum trip. Finally, he had a much anticipated meltdown. This one was pretty major. During it all, I was glad:

1) Chris was there, so we could work together.

2) The other boys appreciated the magnitude of the situation, and maintained compliant demeanors.

As Caleb was crying uncontrollably, I tried to gaze into his eyes and glean just a sliver of what he was feeling. Was he just really overwhelmed? I hoped it would turn my frustration into sympathy. Nonetheless, his eyes just looked blazing mad.

After a while, Caleb calmed down and carried on with life as if the last minutes never existed. I let out a sigh. I noticed as the wind blew out of my mouth, my chest actually hurt, my back ached, and my fists were clenched. I had maintained calmness on the outside for the entire time, while my body was screaming on the inside.

As always, Caleb's memory seems to be short about the whole incident. I just wish my memory wasn't so long.

The Ending

Caleb pulled it together, and we capped off the day devouring pizza at a small town pizza parlor. An end-of-the-meal ice cream sundae bar put everyone in a good mood, and provided the much anticipated sweet ending to the day.

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