Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Time Outs: Friends or Foes

Connor announced he had a pet. Here is his new found creepy crawly outdoor friend. Yikes!

Today, I was tired. I decided to sit a spell in an unoccupied seat. A few minutes later, I noticed a crowd of boys had circled me and were openly gasping.

Connor broke the silence. He exclaimed, "You're sitting in the time out chair!"

As someone over the age of 18, I saw the chair as merely a fixture of the dining room. But, the little ones in the house knew this particular chair in that particular location all too well. That chair is sturdy, and lacking in cushiony comfort. It's strategically placed for maximize boredom: arms length away from everything, scenic view of nothing.

As I sat there, staring into the abyss, I questioned why the boys would ever fight sitting on this "little piece of paradise." It was peaceful. It was isolated. It was great.

As I began to laugh, Caleb answered Connor's question, "She's not in time out; she just needs a break."

Bingo. I'm thinking I'll need many more time outs in the future.

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