Friday, April 22, 2011

While I Was Sleeping

Collin and Cousin Will enjoyed a pancake breakfast.

Cooper says goodbye to Uncle Matt, Aunt Heather and Cousin Will. We had a blast with our overnight guests.

Cooper couldn't wait to decorate eggs with his Star Wars egg decorating kit.

It's been a dreary, stormy Good Friday. The perfect sort of evening to snuggle in front of a movie at home. So, the boys and I nestled onto the couch, burrowed under some blankets, and watched Yogi Bear. The boys were enthralled, and I soaked up a few moments of cuddles and quiet.

Pretty soon, my eyelids sagged, my head bobbed, and in no time I was dozing. I'm not sure how much time passed, but when I awoke the movie had finished and the boys had scattered.

I always wondered if the house would still be standing and all four boys would remain unscathed if left without adequate supervision. Tonight was my night to find out. Amazingly enough, the house was intact and the three older boys were playing contently.

Then, I searched for Collin. I discovered Collin clutching a slice of leftover pizza. He had red sauce blanketing his face. When we locked eyes, he said, "I spilled." He then directed me to a spot on the carpet stained in pizza sauce.

Fully rested, I didn't bat an eye when I eyeballed the crimson stain. I quickly mopped it up. The whole time I kept thinking, "Even if this carpet stays red forever, that nap was worth every single stained carpet fiber!"

I meant it.


Tonight, Cooper was preparing to say a bedtime prayer.

I reminded him it was Good Friday, and he might want to mention something about Easter.

He shot me a knowing glance and began, "Dear God. Thank you for my Easter eggs. Amen."

Not quite what I was thinking.

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