Thursday, May 5, 2011

10 Years Past I Do

I attended the Mother's Day program at Cooper's preschool.

Our annual anniversary's a tradition!

Chris posed with an anniversary bouquet and a decadent celebratory cake.

My girlfriend and I were discussing our first dates with our husbands. I wowed my friend with my extensive memory of that first date, straight down to our wardrobes: I was clad a black sundress spattered with florals, Chris selected a white button down shirt paired with khaki pants.

My friend sounded impressed, but then she ask, "Well, what did you eat?"

Good question. I was stumped.

After discussing first dates, we reflected on ten years ago today. A decade ago, my floral dress was exchanged for a wedding gown; Chris ditched his khakis for a tuxedo. We stood at the altar of a church, in front of family and friends, and vowed to spend the rest of our lives together.

Our wedding day was magical. We danced. We ate scrumptious food. We wore beautiful clothes. We spent time with loved ones. We had no idea where life would lead, but we wanted to take the journey together.

Tonight, we celebrated our anniversary over frozen pizza, in between a soccer practice, an overnight ER shift, and one battle royale over spelling words. (Although, we are planning to celebrate at a later date.) After I tucked the boys into bed, I thought how I envisioned celebrating my tenth wedding anniversary so very differently.

But after more reflection, I realized that this is exactly where I wanted to be. Tonight, I sat at a table with Chris and our four healthy sons. Despite the ups and downs of a decade, I looked at my husband the same way I did ten years ago: admirably, happy, and committed.

A decade of matrimony has brought us closer together and made me yearn for many more decades to come.

Happy Anniversary to my dear husband.

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