Sunday, May 15, 2011

All Weather Fan

Cooper wearing the remnants of his celebratory hot chocolate.

I'm a fair weather sports fan...I only appreciate sports when the weather's fair. On days when it's too hot, cold, or soggy, I prefer watching from the comforts of the couch with a remote in hand. But the minute my child put on a uniform, by necessity, I transformed into an all weather fan.

Today, the weather was yucky. Monsoon like rain and wind descended on the soccer fields (slight exaggeration, at least it felt that way). It was the sort of day where mascara runs, bones chill, and hairdos fade. But I put on a good face for the boys, and acted jazzed to be sitting amid the moisture and cold.

Connor and Cooper played at the same time in adjacent fields. Being that Cooper is younger, I spent most of my time watching him. He wore a roomy, red, fire truck rain jacket.
The hood covered everything but his mouth, only exposing Cooper's signature smile. He was about a head shorter than his teammates, and seemed even smaller when swallowed by his mammoth coat.

As Cooper bobbed along the field, I shouted, "Come on Cooper, get a goal!"

On cue, he kicked the ball right into.....the opponent's goal.

I should have been more specific.

A few minutes later, Cooper got an actual goal for his team. I cheered the loudest.

Suddenly, I didn't even notice the rain.

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