Friday, May 13, 2011

Boys' Club

Chris and the boys on a hike.

Water guns!

Chris took the boys to Target in search of an inflatable pool. He returned in less than an hour, wearing a sheepish looking grin. Just as I began to wonder, the boys burst out of the van each clutching their very own Super Soaker. The boys looked elated, and Chris looked thrilled.

Within minutes of landing in our driveway, shirts were shed, shoes were tossed, and the hose was up and running. The boys darted around the yard, spraying rounds of water upon unsuspecting brothers. Chris jumped right in with the boys. I watched as my nearly 40-year-old husband transformed into their 12-year-old playmate. The water mixed with giggles was quite a sight to behold.

As I returned to the kitchen, and gazed upon the scene, I began to feel like I was watching a fraternity. They were forming relationships and sharing activities that I, as a female outsider, would never understand. Sure, I would be invited to tag along sometimes (mixers, perhaps), but I would never
really be one of them. I belonged in my own sorority, where I was happy and the activities suited me best.

So, I designated myself House Mom. I'll assist the fraternity and participate on occasion, but then I'll have the freedom to retreat. I'll return to the comforts of my feminine surroundings, even if I'm doing it alone.

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