Saturday, May 14, 2011

Brotherly Love

Memaw and Papa invited Connor over for an overnight date that included tickets to an air show. For the last 24 hours, Connor basked in individual grandson attention. (What a luxury for a child with three siblings!)

As for the rest of us, we missed him. Things really aren't the same when he's gone. Caleb, in particular, seemed a little lost. It's funny; Caleb shows little empathy and sporadic affection to almost anyone, but Connor. And with Connor, you can tell Caleb feels a connection, but he's not quite sure how to fully express those emotions.

As Connor's absence wore on, Caleb began to get antsy. He requested I call to check on Connor. He stood by the door. He rushed out to greet Connor with a big "fluff" (hair rubbing) when he arrived in the driveway. Then, Caleb bombarded Connor with Pokemon information. It wasn't a two-way conversation, but Connor listened and let his brother happily ramble on.

The relationship between those brothers makes me grateful. I'll always remember how Connor reacted to Caleb's fitness class meltdown. At one point, Connor put his arm around his wailing brother and tried to soothe him with his voice. Caleb rebuffed his attempts, but I imagine deep down it provided him with some level of comfort.

I often feel bad that Caleb doesn't have more friends, but then I remember Connor. He has something better: a brother.

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