Friday, May 6, 2011

Good Neighbors

Where I found Cooper today.

Five years ago, new neighbors moved in next door. They were fresh from the South (North Carolina, specifically). If memory serves me right, they moved in smack dab in the middle of winter. I'm sure once they placed that first step into our frozen state, they reconsidered.

But they stayed, and we quickly become acquainted. Chris and I felt like we had struck the neighbor lottery. They were all we envisioned Southerners to be: exceedingly polite, sugary sweet, and abundantly helpful.

Through the years, they have proven to be sublime neighbors. They lend cups of sugar. They purchase thoughtful baby presents. They give our boys special candy at Halloween. They overlook our yard when it's in serious need of a trim. Should I go on?

Recently, Michelle stumbled upon my blog. Yesterday, we were discussing some of my posts while standing in the front lawn. She mentioned how surprised she was at my candor and how she always saw me with a smile on my face, running around with the boys. She said she never knew how tired I was. We laughed and commented how you never really know what happens beyond closed doors. Our conversation flowed, as we dived deeper into each other's lives.

Later, I thought how sad it was that a silly little thing like a blog would bring the distance between two neighbors closer. Did it really take a computer to move two neighbors from pleasantries to authentic talk?

As we parted ways, we agreed to many more conversations on a back patio. We'll attempt to break down emotional fences, while building something better.

Hope she brings some sweet tea!

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