Monday, May 16, 2011

Holding Court in the Minivan

Collin wearing his favorite disguise.

Connor enjoyed a play date with kindergarten pal, Grace.

I picked up the kindergarten carpool today. Connor and two female classmates packed into my minivan, and began to converse. I always find their conversations amusing. As I eavesdrop, I'll find myself grinning and muffling chuckles.

Today, the conversation landed on the tooth fairy. Connor quickly held court with his female passengers. He regaled them with his recent tooth fairy "sighting." The girls grew silent, as Connor expanded on his recollections.

He first saw a bright light, he began. Then, he saw her wand and wings. She was dressed all in white and very beautiful. As his words poured out, he began to remind me of a teenage jock, wooing his female classmates with his exploits on the sports field.

The girls sat silent and wide-eyed. Pretty soon, Connor's story jogged their own memories. It seemed that they too had spotted the tooth fairy. It appears the
same tooth fairy hit all three houses, since their visions were so similar.

At the end of all their stories, I pondered whether I should bust Connor for his verbal indiscretions (i.e. lying). But, then I remembered who introduced the tooth fairy in the first place.


Chris had the day off. The boys had absolutely no evening activities. I only drove one carpool.

We dusted off the dinner candles. We ate family style. Dessert was homemade. Six family members sat around a table.

It was a night to celebrate!

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