Sunday, May 8, 2011

Home Alone

Connor had a ball at his friend, Nick's birthday party.

(Above) Our good friends, the Maxwells, met us for an anniversary dinner at the site of our first date: Rock Bottom Brewery. Had a great night!

I've heard stories before: the stories where big families inadvertently leave a child at a restaurant or gas station. As I've experienced the pandemonium of multiple kids, these stories became completely understandable.

Although Chris and I have made our share of parenting blunders, we've never left a child......until yesterday.

It stemmed from the miscommunication between two parents.

It was discovered like this:

Me: So, how did Collin like the library?

Chris: No, Collin went with you to the birthday party.

Silence. Panic. Held Breath.

Two frantic parents raced up the steps, and burst into Collin's room. Our adorable two year old slumbered away within the confines of his crib. We collectively exhaled, and the color returned to our faces.

(He wasn't left too long!)

Later, I recounted the story to my mom. She said, "I think an angel watched over Collin."

Actually, I'm guessing a team of angels must be assigned to our house.

Today, we're grateful for safe children, forgiving spouses, and harmless (fortunately) parenting mistakes.


Happy Mother's Day to three special mothers:

My Mother-in-Law: I see the fruits of superb mothering in your fantastic son. Thanks for all you did to raise such a wonderful man.

My Grandmother: I admire how you defy age by remaining as active as ever. I hope one day to be just as spry at the tender age of 89. Thanks for always being one of my best cheerleaders!

My Mom: Where do I begin? Thanks for being my confidant, cheerleader, advisor, role model, and friend. I hope good mothering runs in the genes, and I can pass down even a sliver of the mom you are to my boys.


The boys were saying "Happy Mother's Day" to me this morning.

Caleb stopped and said, "Now, don't forget who made you a mother?"

How can I? I'm grateful to celebrate today, because of them.

(Below) Cooper made his first goal. What a Mother's Day treat!

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