Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Inconveniences of Parenting

Collin's seating next to his guitar playing teacher.

Collin clad in his beloved Batman garb for his school performance.

I was talking about the inconveniences of parenting with a friend.

She replied, "Convenience really isn't the point of parenting."


I've reflected on her words plenty the last 24 hours. She's right; parenting isn't about convenience.

It certainly would be more convenient to:

-do without manners,
-let homework go undone,
-do everything for the boys,
-leave cleanup for later, and later, and later,
-never think about discipline,
-and on and on.

But, we live with the inconveniences because we know the training process, as painful as it may be, pays dividends in the future. (No pain, no gain.)

I'm trying to keep this in mind!

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