Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Learning from Friends

Collin sitting in the time out chair. Doesn't he look upset?

Connor has befriended a sweet little boy in his class. He's been the target of many a recent play date. His friend is exceedingly polite in our home, but I've noticed he's just a tad bit more mature and worldly than my son. He likes to "share" information with Connor in a way that's almost like a professor tutoring a pupil.

Today, the boys were eating lunch. His friend, wearing a completely stoic expression, discussed how he learned a new word.

He continued in a serious manner, "I'm not allowed to say it, or call anyone by it. It starts with an S."

Right then, I jumped into the conversation.

"Thanks so much for sharing, but that sounds like some good information to keep to yourself," I interjected.

He stopped, and contemplated my words.

Within a matter of seconds, the conversation steered towards another direction.

I'm hoping the friendship continues, but the "sharing" does not.

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