Friday, May 27, 2011

Never a dull moment

Connor's kindergarten program.

I dozed through my alarm, and missed my morning workout. I tried to squeeze in a run during the boys' nap time/quiet time. With the kids tucked into their rooms, I headed down to our basement and jumped onto the treadmill. Several minutes into the run, Connor and Cooper bounded down the stairs. They both wore panicked expressions.

"Cooper digested a Lego," Connor frantically announced.

Hoping I misheard his words over the treadmill's hum, I said, "What?"

Without answering, Connor throw his little brother to the floor and jumped on top of him. He began to perform the best six-year old version of CPR he could muster. Connor used two hands to compress Cooper's stomach, while his little brother lay on the floor wearing an expression that teetered between shock and apprehension. (I imagined if Cooper wasn't injured before, he might be now.)

I jumped off the treadmill and stopped the compressions. Then, I went to seek some actual medical advice from our in house physician (doctor dad). Chris, recovering from an overnight shift, was dead asleep when we barged into the room.

"Chris," I whispered. "We need your help. Cooper swallowed a Lego."

Chris rolled over, glanced at his completely healthy looking son. He replied, "He's fine." Just like that, he returned to slumber. (That's what you get for free medical care!)

We tiptoed out of the room, and I sought further details on the Lego swallowing. Both boys' stories involve a hug and a misplaced Lego. I'm still a little confused, but grateful that Cooper is fine, truly fine.


I had a first today! I called into a national radio show, and my call was played live on the air. I was flipping through radio stations, and stumbled upon the Chris Fabry Live show (Moody radio). He was discussing Tiger Moms and I called in with a question. (They finally got me on the air as I was walking around Target. I huddled in the back around the furniture to speak.) It was a little nerve wrecking, but exciting too!

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