Monday, May 30, 2011

Picnic with Grandma

Slip and Slide season again!

Caleb and Great Grandma enjoyed lunch.

Sunday night we attended a birthday cookout. The ladies posed for a picture.

My 89-year-old Grandmother lost her driving privileges thanks to some recent mini-strokes. I've heard she greeted the news with much displeasure (to put it mildly).

Feeling sorry for my house-bound Grandmother, I offered to take her to a Memorial Day picnic (attended only by her four great grandsons and one granddaughter). She seemed thrilled, so we made the 45 minute trek down to her house.

When we arrived at her house, Grandmother was asleep. After she aroused, she still appeared foggy, and a little discombobulated. Her 95 pound frame seemed even more fragile, and she wore an expression of utter fatigue. Her bony shoulders hunched, and her eyes appeared dull and lifeless.

I attempted to engage her in conversation, but our discourse was choppy and confusing. As the visit progressed, I grew more aware of my Grandmother's mortality. I've always thought Grandma would be a permanent member in our family. I've imagined seeing her picture on the Smucker's jar and hearing Willard Scott announce her 100 plus birthday; after all, she's always been the perfect picture of health. She was a fitness fanatic and health nut long before the likes of the Jane Fondas and Richard Simmons of the world. But, little things like age and genetics don't seem to give up.

By the end of the visit, Grandma seemed to perk and her eyes regained a twinkle. It was as if the old Grandmother reappeared from the fog.

I hugged her goodbye, squeezing her bony ribs. Internally, I prayed this wouldn't be my last hug, and this wasn't really the last goodbye.

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