Thursday, May 26, 2011

Praying through the Storm

Cooper enjoying a final hug from his preschool teachers. Where did the school year go?

The same tornadic storms that have plagued the country, rolled through Indiana last night. I spent the evening glued to the local news stations. Teams of meteorologists displayed dire looking weather maps. The whole state was blanketed in red, and my amateur eyes knew just enough to realize things didn't look good.

Around 10 p.m., the tornado sirens blared near our house. I plucked my slumbering little ones from their beds, and we headed down to the safer underbelly of our home. Most of the boys easily returned to sleep the minute we hit the basement. Connor, my most fearful child, was weepy and gripped with anxiety.

I pondered what to say. I thought about how the meteorologist had announced just minutes ago, "Stay tuned, and we'll keep you safe." Her words seemed like utter fallacy to me. A meteorologist can provide good information and assist us in making wise safety choices, but he or she can not guarantee one's safety. (Just ask the citizens of Joplin, Missouri.)

Like the meteorologists, I wanted so desperately to tell him, "You'll always be safe with me. Nothing will hurt you." In fact, I have said those words before, and felt guilty the minute they excited my lips. The truth is I can't promise him he'll never get hurt, or be harmed, or go through pain. But, how do you communicate that to a six-year-old?

Connor answered my question. He asked if we could pray for protection.

That I could do.

We folded our hands, and I provided him with the best protection I could give.

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