Sunday, May 22, 2011

Scenes in a Backyard

Two car buffs!
Cooper cuddles Grandpa Wood.

Great Grandpa Hopper and Grandma Wood pose with the boys.

We were flabbergasted at the news: our neighbor is pregnant. We assumed she'd moved past diapers, and was now on to drivers' licenses and dating (her youngest child is a teenager). But, she told us the news accessorized with a smile. She wore that beautiful pregnancy glow, and we offered our hearty congratulations.

Since then, I've thought about her often. Her kitchen window is just a stone's throw away from our backyard. I imagine she's witnessed a whole slew of Wood boys' play and antics. As a mom preparing to reenter toddlerhood, how does she process the scenes that unfolds before her eyes?

I imagine when she eyeballs one of those knockdown, drag out fights between siblings (over something as substantional as a tennis ball), she starts to fret. Does she wonder if it's too late to turn back?

But, I hope she sees the other moments too. Moments like today.

Today, she would have witnessed my two youngest boys securing positions on matching swings. I stood behind their backs, and alternated pushes between the two. They squealed, and begged me to push "underdog." So, I'd give a few starter pushes and then rush forward. When one swoop, I'd lunge the swing forward and upward. The boys whizzed through the air.

The breeze blew.
The giggled erupted.
The boys pleaded "more, more."

And, so it continued, until my arms tired, and my heart filled.

I'm hoping she gazed at today's scene with great fervor, knowing we'll have a swing waiting for her little one too.

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