Saturday, May 28, 2011

College Friends and Frogs

Rachel's son, Alex, and Connor became buddies!

I met my dear friend, Rachel, 19 years ago. We were assigned the same dorm floor. Shortly after we met, I imagined we'd be friends for life. This weekend Rachel's family came down from Chicago. I enjoyed a cookout with my friend (and her family). Nineteen years ago, our biggest discussion was Friday night plans. Tonight, we chatted about kindergarten. Where did the time go?

I'm blessed to have such a wonderful friend in my life for the last (almost) two decades!

Today, the boys and I visited the nature center. Mrs. Therese, the center's director, told the boys a nearby pond was teeming with tadpoles. The boys' ears perked and their eyes twinkled. Then, Mrs. Therese handed each boy a net and a pail. The boys acted like they just won the lottery! They clutched their nets and pails and raced towards the pond (good thing I was wearing tennis shoes!).

Within minutes, they spotted swarms of tadpoles surrounded by real life frogs. They were in heaven! I began to notice how completely content they were simply with nature and a net. The hour plus we were there, no one fought. I never heard, "I'm bored." Not one boy asked to play electronics.

During our time at the pond, another women came over to me. She complimented me on allowing my boys to get dirty, and well, just be boys.

Later, I reflected on her words.

I guess mud washes away, but good memories last a lifetime.

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