Monday, May 23, 2011

A Visit From Adrienne

It has been over five years since I laid eyes on my friend, Adrienne. But, today she showed up on my doorstep. I gazed at her warm eyes and infectious smile, and it was if time stood still for the last half a decade.

Adrienne and I met when our husbands were deep in the trenches of residency. We instantly formed a connection as: resident wives, young moms, runners, and (quickly) friends. I fondly recall many dinners and play dates held at Adrienne's house. Her home exuded warmth. I always knew an invitation to Adrienne's meant: good food, great conversation, and endless laughs. After five years of residency, Adrienne's family packed up and headed back to Utah. I felt like clinging to her leg, and begging her not to leave.

The last several years, we've kept in touch. We've sent e-mails. We've exchanged Christmas cards. We've read each other's blogs. I've appreciated the communication, but I've missed the feeling I used to have when we were together.

Today, when she walked through that door, the feeling reemerged. The house oozed warmth, friendship, and laughter.

How I've missed my friend!

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