Saturday, May 21, 2011

Whirlwind Weekend

Cooper and Grandpa Wood scan a car book.

Some running friends pre-Geist mini marathon. My friend, Claudia, also ran the race. She's not pictured here.

Caleb's Boy Scout cake for the Blue and Gold banquet.

The weekend's been busy. So busy, that I'm yearning for a leisurely Sunday.

Some highlights:

1) Grandpa Wood showing the boys around a car show,

2) Running the Geist Mini Marathon with some friends (holy hills!),

3) Soccer games and more soccer games, and

4) Caleb's Boy Scout banquet.

The absolute biggest thrill of the weekend: I'm an aunt again. My brother and sister-in-law successfully adopted a baby girl. Little Caroline officially became part of our family tonight. Can't wait to meet her!

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