Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Wormobile

On days like today, I think longingly about my friends with only daughters. Do they spend their days attending tea parties, playing barbies, and dressing dolls? I imagine their daytimes fly by in a peaceful (clean) haze. My days, as a mom of four boys, play out quite differently.

Today, the boys decided to created a wormobile (a traveling worm habitat). I watched as they wheeled out our John Deere wagon, and parked it alongside a patch of dirt. Then, they unloaded two handheld shovels and one megashovel. Connor claimed the foreman position, and began directing his siblings on the project.

Caleb worked the dirt. With careful placement of the shovel, he unearthed the mother load of worms. Quickly, he delivered worm after worms to his eager siblings. His brothers carefully placed the squirming worms into their new home: a dirt covered wagon/habitat.

I watched as the boys had a ball, and worked well as a team. Each added to the team effort:

1) Caleb, a true nature aficionado, wowed his brothers with his vast knowledge of the animal kingdom. He certainly had a knack for excavating worms.

2) Connor continually encouraged his brothers ("Good shoveling Caleb!"), and brought them together as a team.

3) Cooper eagerly transferred worm after worm into the dirt filled wagon. He seemed excited to be part of the placement process, and eager to assist his older brothers.

4) Collin stayed out of the way (probably the best gift he could give to his older brothers).

Finally, they called it a night. The wagon sat loaded with dirt and its new earthworm inhabitants. Four boys entered the house, dirt covered, happy, and (most importantly) as friends.

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  1. In our family, it is the GIRLS who are the collectors and lovers of worms. Kiersten had a pet much of last summer (outside in a small container) named "Robert"; he must have been traumatized by all the pulling, holding and jostling he received. This year, they've moved on to bigger goals and spend hours digging for worms. I'm not sure where they're storing them, though I'm pretty sure it's not in the house. Andy, while admiring of the biggest worms, seems content to busy himself with other hobbies.