Sunday, June 12, 2011

100 Acre Woods

Chris awoke after noon (thanks to a friendly nudge from his wife). His recent nocturnal shifts have left him craving natural sunlight and outdoor activity. His four young sons were full of outdoor ideas, and desperate to visit another one of their summer bucket list destinations.

The boys selected our next destination: the 100 Acre Woods at the Indianapolis Art Museum. Within minutes, the boys packed the car, and we landed at the grounds of the Art Museum. After wandering around the impeccably groomed IMA gardens, we crossed over the Central Canal, and arrived at the gateway to the Woods.

Initially, we followed a nature path that dissected the untamed vegetation. Then, the woods parted to reveal a large meadow flanked by a lake and surrounding woods. Contemporary artwork dotted the landscape (and even in the water). We quickly understand the rules of the woods: the artwork is to appreciated in any way possible. Translation: the kids could touch/jump/climb/scale every square inch of the masterpieces.

Within hesitation, the boys embraced the artwork, and had a ball running along the trails and through the Woods at times.

Later, Chris thanked me for getting him out of the house. He said, "Sometimes I need to be watered, fed, and placed in the sunlight."

Don't we all.

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