Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Bummer Summer Moment

Today's home casualty.

Deep down, I knew not every summer day would be blissful. Today, I experienced some of the downsides of summer:

-increased laundry, dishes, and food consumption;
-rising sibling squabbles;
-injuries inflicted on our home; and
-(the most painful) taking four kids on a large grocery run.

This afternoon, I hauled the four boys to the grocery store. Most of the trip rolled by fine. Generally, we stayed together, and pleas for toys and junk food stayed at a minimum. But, maneuvering through the aisles and purchases with my four little ones was definitely draining.

Finally, we hit the dreaded check out line. At that moment, I cursed the creators of the Targets and Walmarts of the world. They knew just what they were doing when they strategically placed all the doodads, trinkets, and goodies at eye level and arm's reach of antsy toddlers and exhausted mothers. The boys ogled the items at first, and then practically mauled the packaging.

To restore order, I instructed all four boys to sit at a nearby bench until I paid. After I ferried the boys to their seats, sweat beads surfaced along my forehead. Frustrated with my "helpers," I thought, "This can't get any worse." Just at that moment, I grabbed a plastic grocery bag from the clerk. As I transferred the bag to the cart, it burst and the contents tumbled down. A glass Ragu jar plummeted to the floor, and shattered on impact. Marinara sauce and shared glass exploded, blanketing the surroundings. From my torso down, I resemble a trauma victim standing among a crime scene. As if we hadn't attracted enough attention, the crash silenced the crowd and left all eyes dangling on spaghetti-sauce drenched, completely frazzled me.

At that moment, I thought, "There's always a worse."

I easily could have lost it, but instead I smirked. Then, I sighed.

Summer, I thought.

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