Friday, June 17, 2011

Doing It Alone

Caleb at the Nature Camp ice cream social.

Grandma Wood pushes Collin and cousin Grace on the swings.

Connor and Cooper making Lego creations at the library.

Connor modeling his finished product.

I have to apologize to my friends with husbands that travel. For years, I've been telling myself that Chris's schedule is akin to a spouse away on business travels. When friends complained about their husband's absence, I was sympathetic because I believed I understood...until Chris went out of town.

Chris went to California for a conference. I imagined we'd get along fine without him. Didn't we spend most of our time functioning as a unit of five while he was cocooned within the ER? But, I've learned having a spouse out of town is way worse. In the course of his days away, we had a plumbing emergency, sick toddler, major meltdowns (not just by me), and on and on.

During all of the domestic drama, Chris was texting me pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge and calling with glowing reports of his travels. The whole time I was reminding myself, "Be happy for him. Be happy for him...."

As I was telling my friend about the last several days, I said, "Taking care of four children is just fine as long as everything goes as anticipated."

She replied, "Does that ever happen with four kids?"

Good point.

But, we all survived the last several days*, and as I've walked in the shoes of others
, my appreciation has grown.

*Thanks to my mother in law and my niece, Grace. They came in last night, and have been a huge help!

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