Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Picture Pages

For the last several years, Elizabeth Mendenhall has photographed the boys. As a mother of three young kids, she understands how kids and photos work:

1) Keep it short.
One good picture is all it takes.

2) Make it fun, or it won't be.
Corny jokes and silly faces go along way.

3) Keep expectations realistic. (OK, that's my rule)
If a child is somewhat looking at the camera with a sliver of a smile, I'm happy.

Actually, today's photo shoot went amazingly well. We shuffled one boy after another in front of the camera. They, pretty much, smiled on cue. They posed. They listened. Things were going so well, we tried (gasp) to photograph all four together.

By the end, Elizabeth still wore a smile. She said, "I think this year was easier."

I reflected on her words, and realized it was a little easier. In fact, as the boys have grown, life with four boys has become more manageable. I'm heading towards the age where my children are gaining independence (and so am I).

For that, I am grateful.

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  1. Thanks, Becky, It's fun to see what a photo shoot looks like from someone else's perspective. =)