Wednesday, June 15, 2011

From the Mouth of Babes

Feeling like I needed a little encouragement today, I dressed Collin in this shirt.
It reads, "My mommy is the best mommy, hands down." It actually made me smile every time I looked at it.

Story from a few days ago.....

The boys and I went to church on Sunday. Post-church chats are always peppered with such interesting theological questions from my little ones. Many of the inquiries center on heaven.

They'll ask:

Do they have ice cream in heaven?
Do dogs go to heaven?
Do I get to celebrate my birthday in heaven?
Do I have to share my room in heaven?

On Sunday, Connor announced that he wanted to ask God a question when he gets to heaven.

I waited, fully anticipating a question about heaven and say...TV...or video games.

He continued, "I want to ask why I was created."

Wow. Jaw dropping silence.

Fortunately, Chris overheard the conversation. Chris provided Connor a very basic, yet pointed answer. (I suppose Chris has much practice simplifying complex answers into simpler terms; think of all the fancy medicalese he translates into WebMD appropriate lingo for his many medically illiterate included!) He responded, "God created you because he loves you and he wants a relationship with you."

Later, I thought, "Why was he created?"

Where do I start?

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